Quality / Testing

Quality control and testing laboratory:

Posco Poggenamp possesses world class testing equipment to provide zero defect products. In our facility, we endeavor to do all the analysis with our high technological test equipments for the sheets which will be used for power, distribution transformer and shunt reactor core. Moreover, we also obtain B-H curve of the sheets and we record all the results.

By doing all these tests we obtain the characteristics map of the products. After we decide the suitability of the sheets, we use particular steel for slitting and cutting. The laminations are delivered with their test certificates.

We are committed to achieve total customer satisfaction through continuous innovation, team work and timely delivery of quality products. We serve by meeting the expectations of our customers in domestic and international areas.

Testing equipments:

  1. Dr. Brockhaus Messitechnik Epstein Frame
  2. Dr. Brockhaus Franklin Insulation Resistance Tester
  3. Dr. Brockhaus Single Sheet Tester
  4. Dr. Brockhaus Stacking Factor Tester
  5. Yokogawa WT500 Digital Power Analyzer
  6. Optical Measurement Table up to 5 metre
  7. Vickers Hardness Tester [5 Kgs to 50 Kgs]
Dr.Brockhaus Messitechnik Epstein Frame
Dr.Brockhaus Messitechnik Epstein Frame
Optical Measurement Table up to 6 metre