Posco Poggenamp manufactures laminations for Power and Distribution transformers as well as for Shunt Reactor Core from various grades of Cold Rolled Grain Oriented [CRGO] electrical steel. We process lamination up to 765 Kv class / 500 MVA and capable to process up to 1200 Kv class/1000 MVA rating. Our installed capacity for CRGO lamination is 24000 MT/ per annum.

CRGO Cut Laminations

CNC Cut-to-Length machines are able to process lamination in various shapes and size with 90°/75°/45° angle cutting. The material can be cut at different dimension ranging from 25 mm to 1050 mm wide and length from 100 mm to 6000 mm long. We process vertical step lap and horizontal step lap as per customer specification from 3/5/7/9/11 steps. CRGO lamination requires a high degree of precision therefore we routinely perform stringent quality check which measures burr level, camber, waviness, stack height, weight and other dimensions. A salient feature is processing of rectangular strip laminations in 0.10/0.18 mm thickness for Reactor and Invertors for high frequency application.

  • Additional features for Power Transformer Laminations
  • Offset in center leg upto 480 mm instead of standard 50 mm
  • Slot punching in center leg upto any length to control eddy control losses

Built-Up Transformers Core

Posco Poggenamp has different sizes and types of stacking tables in order to produce complete flat stacked lamination. The cores are built on modern core stacking tables. Stacking on guiding bolts and most accurate setting of the leg supports on centre distance enables to keep the geometrical dimension to an absolute minimization of the air gaps. We built transformer core from 16 KVA to 5 MVA rating. A pre-measurement of the core losses guarantees the required No Load Losses measured on a digital power analyzer.

CRGO Slit Coil

CNC slitting line can slit coils from 10 mm to maximum 1250 mm and thickness ranging from 0.18 mm to 0.35 mm of various grades. Slitting is the first and foremost manufacturing process in order to obtain any type of cut lamination. The slitting quality is constantly controlled. Tungsten carbide slitter blades are used in order to achieve a minimum formation of burrs.